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Eagleaviation Institute-Professional Diploma Course in Air Hostess

The academic study at Eagleaviation Institute is a Diploma in Air Hostess that comprised of formal education and practical learning workouts related to airhostess work and job profile. The course equips students to become competent airline employees. According to the wider populace, airlines employ an air hostess to offer foods and drinks to their passengers! But the job of an air hostess encompasses more than just offering drinks and meals. We also provide mentorship in some of their primary responsibilities.

  • They handle announcement in flight and communication in the whole cabin
  • They confirm security of travellers
  • They confirm comfort of travellers
  • They support passenger in boarding, seat searching and baggage management
  • Delivering food, magazine, drinks and other essential stuff to travellers
  • Guiding passengers on safety guidelines
  • Helping travellers at the time of panic and emergency

Benefits of Eagleaviation Institute

You should join Eagleaviation institute for airhostess course and training because:

  • You can get training through industry’s experts
  • We offer training and internship
  • We provide continuous assistance on job placement
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