Diploma Course in Cruise Ship

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Eagleaviation Diploma Course in Cruise Ship

Want to pursue the field of Cruise ship? Don’t worry, an online course is offered by one of the best universities, Eagle Aviation, whatever their age, nationality, or level of expertise ( NCT-approved ). All you need is a computer with internet access to complete this online course.

Indian cruise ship management school. If you're looking for a job around a cruise ship, you've come to the right place. If you work on cruise ships, you can earn money while seeing the world.

You can go to exotic locations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and other parts of the world on a luxury cruise ship. Even better, you can spend the summers in Alaska and the winters in the Caribbean.

Free housing and food are available, and you can make money that is normally tax-free, something that only ocean employment may be able to offer. Cruise employment offers fantastic opportunities to travel, save money, and meet people from various cultures. College and university students, especially those who have just graduated or are taking a vacation from their studies, do very well in jobs on cruise ships.

Benefits of an Indian diploma program in cruise ship management:

The Diploma cruise ship program in India is aimed at preparing students for rewarding careers in cruise ship management. Housekeeping, guest relations, food and beverage, and laws are just a few of the important topics covered in the course. Students also learn vital IT skills and customer service techniques that will benefit them in their careers. a good method to begin in the field. The training will also educate students about careers in the hotel industry.

The program includes role-playing exercises, classroom, and practical sessions, and training specific to each position. Graduates can begin working in the industry right soon after completing the diploma program. They will be given the training necessary to be successful top performers. By getting a diploma in cruise ship management, they made a smart investment in their future. For those interested in a career in the field, these courses are ideal.

A cruise ship diploma or a diploma in managing hotel operations on the platform of a cruise ship will make it simpler to find a respectable career in the cruise industry. But it's important to keep in mind that employment in this industry is very competitive. Being knowledgeable in the field will help you differentiate yourself from other applicants. For various positions, each cruise company has its own unique set of qualifications. Your holding of a field-specific diploma will show to employers your capacity to perform well.

The Future of Diploma Courses in Cruise Ship Management in India

The future of the diploma in the cruise and shipping industry is very promising. If you want to work in the expanding cruise ship industry, this course is perfect for you. This course will cover all you need to know about cruising, including the rules and regulations that are relevant to the sector. During the training, you will learn more about the numerous divisions that make up the ship, such as the marketing and sales parts.

Multiple career choices are open to those with a cruise ship hotel operations management diploma. Graduates can find employment as captains, ship managers, or even department heads. Along with being a captain, you can also act as a flight manager. In this position, you must supervise and control the operations of a cruise ship and its connections. You will be in charge of managing ships and their operations, promoting and growing terminals, planning supplies, and following security protocols.

Earning a diploma in cruise and shipping management is a great way to get training on a cruise ship and placement in the shipping industry. As the industry grows in Asia, there is a growing need for qualified candidates with this degree. You will be prepared to enter the world of employment with this diploma and it has a promising future. If you're interested in working in the cruise business, earning a diploma in cruise and shipping management is an excellent choice.

Students who successfully complete the cruise ship hotel operations management program will be able to:
  • Apply technical and interpersonal expertise to offer and analyse practical and theoretical solutions for difficult problems in the core areas of cruise ship hotel operations management;
  • Recognize the range of stakeholders that the cruise ship industry has to offer and adapt properly;
  • They are able to analyze the background of hotel management, relevant theories, and concepts from general management fields, such as managing people, managing operations in the hospitality industry, managing business performance, and managing business communication;
  • They can examine and evaluate the different features of hospitality aboard cruise ships as a concept, such as the various cultural things of hospitality; and they can evaluate the context of hotel management, relevant theories, and concepts from general management fields.

What is included in the first year?

  • Cruise Ship Industry Customer Service bar,
  • Tender Management, and reliable Communication
  • Cruise Ships Basics
  • Front desk Operations
  • Housekeeping operations and application
  • Food & Beverage Service Management, Property Management Systems Managerial Accounting Practical good Theory
  • Major IT and skills of research
  • industry seminar Placement for professionalism at a five-star hotel

In Second Year

  • Tourism, hospitality, and events Fundamental Methods of Inquiry in Marketing and Sales
  • Industry Placement for the Integrated Project Professionalism Seminar aboard a Cruise Ship
  • The cruise industry
  • Management of Food and Beverage Operations on Cruise Ships
  • The Management & Business of Ocean Cruises
  • Financial Management
  • Manage Human Resources
  • Enterprise Behavior

Information on cruise diploma programs:

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Fee Structure : Eagleaviation Diploma Course in Cruise Ship

Course Fee

₹ 80,000

Course Duration

3 Months

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