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In 2015, a prestigious Eagle Aviation institute was founded, and it was incorporated into the category of education trust in 2017. Furthermore, in 2019, our company was registered with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs - Government of India). The institute which is NTCE-approved was founded by a magnificent group of intellectuals and academics to provide value-relevant education and an excellent studious environment for the complete supervision of its students. Many educationists and academic men have praised Eagle Aviation Institute for its excellence in providing high-quality educational courses, programs, and practical vividness in the aviation industry, hotel management, and travel business. Since the institute's founding, we have encouraged new ideas, technological advancement, and young entrepreneurship among all candidates in order to prepare them for careers in a competitive industry. Eagleaviation institute provides students with real-world experience, scenarios, and requirements so that they can compete on a global scale.

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